The Year of Earth Rat (Wu Zi) 2008 is symbolized by the heaven stem Wu representing Earth sitting above the Earth stem Zi which is representing Water. As according the the the five (5) elements whenever water pour into the Earth, the earth would exhaust and destroy Water elements. Therefore. The Earth stem being sit upon by the heaven element Earth symbolized of disharmony and this may lead to some international conflicts in the early part of the year.

The inter-relationship between the Earth and Water elements symbolized disharmony, tension and conflicts, The tension countries are China and Taiwan , Pakistan , Middle East.and Southern part of Thailand but there are good chance of settlement and negotiations in the later part of the year. Since both elements are belonging to the yang element which are considered with powerful energy there would be some serious consequences caused by its own elements of earth and water mishaps and calamities such as landslide, earthquake and fury storms. Such areas are the Central, North Western and southern part of China , South Eastern part of Ceylon , North Western part of Indonesia South Eastern part of India , North Western and South Eastern parts of Malaysia .

As water fully supplied the earthly stem earth, the year of the Rat 2008 symbolizes wealth prospect for the Earth Industries. You will notice that this time the trade under the Earth Element would enjoy a brisk business but they should also take precaution against any unforeseen circumstances since its element is in conflict with water. Those industries classified as Earth Elements are Land development, plantations, agricultural, Animal feed meal, ceramic, housing development, property Agency, Construction,

Under the cycles of 5 elements, water support earth to give wood. Therefore, I predicted that those industries related to the Wood Element would also generate growth and development. There are agricultural products, furniture, clothing, paper and printing, textile, plants and flowers, food.

Since the heaven stem is Earth which exhaust and destroy the earthly stem Water element, trade that related to the Water Element would not be doing that well. There are shipping industry, traveling, marine products, fishing industry, drinks, communication, cold-storage business, fishing, drinks and communication.

Since earth and water would later produce wood that generate fire which would give a boast to the Fire Element Industries such as Food, Advertising, Computer Products, Wine and Fuel Trading. Price of gas would be increased tremendously at later part of the year.

However during the year Metal Element would also have a chance with weath opportunity because with strong Earth that produces metal. Therefore any venture involving the metal element would see better result, such as constructions, cars, heavy industries, engineering, iron and steel,hi-tech and internet related business.

It is significantly important to pay attention to feng shui energies. The best energy which generate wealth and prosperity is at the East sector of the building. The bad energy is at the South with Wu Wong (Five Yellow) if could be avoidable it is better for not staying there and must not be disturbed. The worst month to is during May, 2008. It is advisable to to avoid conflicting with Tai Sui or Grand Duke Jupiter located at the North is by sitting with back facing it. Otherwise one would met with failure and disappointments. The sickness star is located at the North West sector of the building. The traditional method to reduce its affliction is by placing metal object or wind chime at this sector. The worst month for this sector is February, 2008.

You will notice that the people who tends to avoid bad afflictions or bad omen would carry out to do feng shui to enhance their buildings and always carrying along with them the talismans or amulets which suppose to protect them against bad luck and enhance them with confidence, good health, success, wealth and a blissful life.