The year of the Si Chou (Earth Ox) 2009 is symbolized by the heavenly stem Si represent Element Yin Earth sitting above the earthly stem Chou representing also the Element Yin Earth. With both the heavenly and earthly elements are the same which could interact with each other there seem to be less conflict in the international scenes. However, as there is only earth without water content is very dry. So to expect its overall positive energy is very doubtful. Therefore, this year there would be expecting some tension and problems in in some countries which I have wide areas of dry land. Many parts of the world would expecting dry weather and drought. There would be more frequent with fire hazard or fire disasters. Furthermore, such a strong earth year usually brings earth disasters such as landslides, earthquakes and collapsed of buildings. Dry areas which were refers to wide lands with dry earth like in the Middle East , Pakistan, India and China would expecting troubles in tensions or natural disasters as the ox is powerful in grazing the lands.

However, there is no earth support to active the earth element as there is no interact with yin and yang, but only stand alone with its Yin Elements, representing slow and might be too dangerous for the abundant of Yin energy.


Last year I have predicted all correctly that the year of the rat in 2008 which its heaven stem earth sitting upon the earthly stem water which are contradict to each other would causes earthquakes and landslides would be causing great havoc in Southern and Western parts of China. Unfortunately it did occurred in Sichuan, killing at least 68,636 with more than 374,176 injured and 18,222 listed as missing leaving more than 4.8 million people homeless. Another water mishap which I predicted correctly is the water in the form of milk tainted with melamine which have causes public alarm and international dismay after thousand of Chinese children were hospitalized, sick and suffered with possible kidney problems.

I have also correctly foretold correctly that earthquake and landslide would be occurred in North Western part of Indonesia. Such prediction did occur when a strong earthquake struck off the coast of Indonesia's Sumatra Island about 100 miles south-southwest of Padang. The 6.7-magnitude quake strike the sparsely populated region on one early Sunday. Luckily No damage or deaths have been reported from the series of quakes. Another quake struck again on a Tuesday about 164 km (102 miles) south-southwest of Padang on Sumatra Island in western Indonesia, The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center did not issue a tsunami warning after determining that the tsunami threat would not occur.

I have predicted correctly the disharmony, tension and conflicts in Pakistan, Middle East and Thailand. You would notice the bombing in Pakistan Marriott Hotel killed at least 60 people and wounded some 200.

In Malaysia I predicted her North Western & South Eastern part would would be flooded and landslides as it just occurred in September, 2008 in Penang which floods in his various states while roads from the city centre to Teluk Bahang, Balik Pulau have been cut off due to landslides and fallen trees.



Regarding to the economy when there is no fire element to support the earth element industry, its relating business would be slow but stable as there is no fire to boost it. There are mining, quarry, farming, cemetery, construction, property, ceramic and earthen wares.


According to the the 5 elements cycles, as earth gives birth to wood, I am more optimistic with the wood related business doing better because this year vast earth are producing plenty of wood element. There are Education, Newspapers, magazines, printers, papers, book stores, social services, religious materials, hospitals, doctors, hair styling, fruits, wood furniture, gardening, farming and its farming utensils and machineries.


Since the fire elements are linking with earth that produces the earth element as in accordance the the cycle of 5 elements, the fire element trade would be doing just well. There are electricity, oil, electrical products, computers, acting, cosmetic, hair stylist, dressing, designer, alcohol, restaurant, advertisement and communication.


Since this year with heavenly and earthly stems having unaccountable volume of earth, its also hidden large volume of metal which would encouraged to spur up the metal element industry. There are bank, finance, stock exchange, metal hardwares, motor and automobiles, plants and machinery.


Regarding to the water industry it would not be so smooth as the year of the rat which have water to sustained its growth. This year with only earth without any water supply the water industry is extremely weak. There are fishing, seafood, cold storage, insurance, import and export, cleaning, night club, transport, tourism.


In Chinese elements, the five elements also representing different parts of our body. Earth is the stomach, spleen muscles and cells. Water is our kidneys, bladder and blood. Since the earth is too dry and without the water contents generally we should take good care of our stomach, spleen, muscles, cells , kidneys, bladder and blood to avoid our health complication.


The year Earth Ox attributes to quite, patience and hard work will bring success. They speak little but what they do they are quite articulate. Mentally and physically alert They are generally easy-going but can be very stubborn and they hate to fail or be opposed. They inspire confidence in others.

Politically in Malaysia is stable. Her economy will remains as moderate and there is no excess in development. The share market will be sluggish but good times for opportunity to invest for long term. Shares market, properties and gold would see its rises in the months of March and July. The same apply to the world. For this year it is advisable to plan for a long term strategy rather than a short term gains. Since this is a midnight Ox one should be double his effort in his or her goals and effort rather than take the trait of over comfortable in your stable. The hidden metal in the underneath of the earth which is representing plenty of hidden wealth. Therefore there would be plenty of potential to get wealth. One should always be watchful for opportunities and gains as well as a prepared well to achieve it.

To prepare well one should be ready either to overcome his or her bad luck or minimized their bad fortune by wearing and keeping of lucky talisman which must be properly blessed to radiant positive energy for them. He or she must have better feng shui energies support just as they are having with them the helpful people around in their family and organization.

You should know that your best sector for this year is in the South East to enhance your success and wealth. For recognition, you should choose the North West. To enhance your romance and career you should locate your bed room or office at South West or South. Avoid the Five Yellow sectors as it gives you various problems and mishaps. If you cannot avoid this sector, place metal in this sector such as fan, pewter wares or wind chime. Avoid the illness sector in the West asa well as making sure you know how to sit in facing the Three Killings in the East. These are only some tips of the iceberg in feng shui to enhance one home or office. For a complete and more effective feng shui to remedy or enhance your house or building, please engage a genuine professional feng shui master who have many genuine transparency of successful feng shui records.