According to the Cycle of Five Elements where the five elements interlink with each other; i.e. metal, wood, water, fire and earth, is a set of universal elements to determine either whether it is collaborating with its elements that are compromising with each other or they are under control or conflicting with each other with destruction which are the factors for feng shui application as well as to determine a person’s astrology chart or fortune telling as well as current affairs.

This year, the Gen Yin (Metal Tiger) 2010 is symbolized by the heavenly stem Gen, representing Element Yang Metal and the earthly stem Yin representing the Element Yang Wood Tiger. According to the Cycle of Five Elements which determine the inter-relationship between these two elements, metal would destroy wood. This year the heaven stem and earth stem are both belong to the Yang element which represent they are both in the strong and powerful form of element unlike the Yin element which is mild in nature. Both are in conflict are not yielding to each other. Their ego are proud, sturborn, inflexible and uncomprising. It is easily to be narrated that wood is represented by a strong large tree and the metal is represented by a large sharpened axe chopping down the tree.

Therefore, with the Yang wood as the earthly branch and destroyed by the heavenly Yang Metal. It is a symbol which shall never be interacted with each other and always in conflict is with serious disharmony. This may lead to various disharmony in politics, international conflicts or natural disasters.

Politically disharmony in the Middle East, Thailand, China, North and South Korea. Countries especially sat by the yearly changes of bad feng shui Xuan Kuang such as the illness & epidermic star at North East representing China, Korea, Japan. Malaysia would be Kelantan, Trengganu and Sabah, North Eastern part of Europe and North Eastern part of America. The conflicts and mishaps star at South East representing Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and East Malaysia. Johore, Singapore and Sumatra are with the dispute star at the South. South western part of Sumatra and southern part of China would also meet with more natural disaster.We would notice larger land-clearing of by fires in Indonesia and in other areas.


Last year I have predicted all correctly that since the Year of the Earth ox in 2009 with the heaven and earth stem were both belong to the yin earth element that can be interact with each other the world would be expecting less conflict. We had witness that the United States’s Armies have left Irag peaceful with Sri Langka free from gurrilas warfare. However, I have also mentioned that since too much of earth elements we shall be expecting troubles, tensons, natural disasters especially in dry area which were refered to wide lands with dry earth like in the Middle East, Pakistan, India and China.

I had also predicted correctly that some countries which have wide areas of dry land would expecting dry weather and drought. Drafti, Greek which is situated 35km east of Athens is one of the dry lands where there was a wildfire destroying homes and forcing thousands to flee in dramatic overnight evacuations. There would be more frequent fire hazard or fire disasters. Furthermore, such a strong earth year usually brings earth disasters such as landslides, earthquakes and collapse of buildings. A serious drought in at least eight Chinese provinces. Almost half of the wheat-growing areas in the eight provinces - Hebei, Shanxi, Anhui, Jiangsu, Henan, Shandong, Shaanxi and Gansu - is threatening large crop-growing areas and leaving nearly 4 million people without proper drinking water. In Henan, the official China Daily newspaper said Henan is having the worst drought since 1951 and that the province, a major supplier of winter wheat, had gone 105 consecutive days without rain.

In Pakistan a bomb blast at a mosque in northwestern Pakistan had killed at least forty people and militants in Pakistan launched a truck bomb attack on the Peshawar Pearl Continental hotel, killing 18 and wounding at least 55. In India nearly 300,000 people in remote Assam’s territory seen with their homes flooded. The riot in the vast restive desert region of Xinjiang Uighur Region, China left with more 543 death and 800 injured.

There were various mine turmoil in China, great floods and land slides with more than 5,600 dwellings and buildings. The collapsed in southern and central China with about 320,000 people flee homes. In Shanghai, hundreds of house owners protested over their collapsed apartment which was nearly completed. In Malaysia, we had noticed Gurney Park in Penang is the access road leading to multi-level car park which have sank 1.2 m on 3rd July, 2009.

As I had mentioned that there is no element to interact with the Yin Earth element but stand alone with only its own Yin Elements, representing slow but might be too dangerous for the abundant of Yin energy. In conjunction to my advises during the year of Earth Ox 2009 I had written specifically in avoiding the West sector which would bring illnes and obstacless. Therefore, we had faced the H1N1 flu to surface in over 100 countries and territories since its outbreak especially surfaced in Western countries in April, 2009 reported with about 52,100 cases, including 231 casualties on June 22, 2009. Luckily, as I have said its movement is slow otherwise, if its element is ignited in great speed it would struck as deadly as the tsunamai where millions would have been killed.

I have also predicted correctly that under the water industry where the year 2009 water is extremely weak where the tourism industry would be not doing well. It was not happened only in Malaysia but in many parts of the world as well.

Michael Jackson was born under the the heavenly stem Yang Earth and earthly stem in Yang Earth as well. As I have mentioned thses elements were in conflictand is in disharmony. It may be because of Michael Jackson was born under these two conflicting elements and had been facing too much tension while preparing for the 50 shows in London when he met his disaster especially without the help of a fantastic feng shui.




With the heaven stem metal, its cycle of elements with earth produces metal. Such industry without fire to boost it shall be remain as stable. Industries concerning mining, quarry, farming, cemetery, construction, property, ceramic and earthern wares.


The most unfavourable industry would be involving in wood industry. Industries concerning textiles, clothing, education, newspapers, magazines, printers, papers, book stores, social services, religious materials, hospitals, doctors, hair styling, fruits, wood furniture, gardening, farming and its farming utensils and machineries.


This year’s fire element industries would be doing just well with very strong competition. Industries concerning electricity, oil, electrical products, computers, acting, cosmetic, hair stylist, designer, fashion, alcohol, restaurant, advertisement and communication.


Since this year with heavenly stems is yang metal which would help to activate the metal element industry. Industries concerning bank, finance, stock exchange, metal hardwares, motor and automobiles, plants and machinery. There would be many offers and initiatives to spur up this industry.


In contrary to last year’s of the Earth Ox, this year the water industry would be profitable because of its strong heaven stem which is yang metal( according the cycles of element where metal produce the water element). Therefore it helps to develope any industry related to water element. Industries concerning fishing, seafood, cold storage, insurance, import and export, cleaning, night club, transport, and tourism.


In Chinese elements, the five elements also represent different parts of our body. Since this year wood is seen to be easily destroyed by the metal element, we should take good care of our health related to the wood element. Thus, we should take care of our lungs, chest, mouth and teeth.


The Year of the Wood Tiger attributes to daring, vigorous, quick temper, unpredictable, impulsive and powerful. They are also capable, passionate, affectionate, sincere and generous. They are possessive and can be agressive over territorial and possessive. Tigers often daring in accepting challenges that might give them restless, impatient, quick-tempered, selfish and be obstinate in achieving their goals. Tiger type of people are often not afraid to express their emotions and feelings because of their daringness and agressiveness in triat they set a good example for others to have inspirations and confidence.

People who are born in the Year of Tiger is said to be offending the direct wrath of Tai Sui. It is advisable that those born under the Year of Monkey should avoid going straight towards the south west direction as it is the direction of Tai Sui. Others who are said to be site afflicted by Tai Sui is the snake and boar. It is to be said that it brings obstacles, worries, misfortune, hidden danger and serious sickness such as cancer, breaking up of mariage, mishaps and calamities. Those animals considered to be into this year with harmony are the Horse, Dog and Boar. It sounded good news for those who are born in the Year of the Rabbit will enjoy “Flower of Romance” with more participation in social activities with better chances of developing relationship with the opposite sex. The auspicious colour for this year is white and yelow. However, I had always mentioned that animal astrology without studying each person individual’s correct date, month, year, time of birth (including his or her minutes) and place of birth are not totally reliable. It was said that anyone who was afflicted by this year Tai Sui should wear the pendant of the boar to minimise its afflictions. However, I have never advised anyone in carrying any animal pendants as I have never seen it would work in warding off afflictions.

Politically in Malaysia would remain as stable. Her economy will remains as moderate and there is no drastic changes in her development. The share market will be remain as sluggish but a good time and opportunity to invest in properties for long term. This year it is advisable to be careful in your investment plan because this year the market is quite violatile as the trait of the tiger is also impulsive, quick temple and unpredictable. I believed that Blue chips lead gains and Gold will be be the most stable store of value and best alternatives in the market. The same apply to the world. One should always be watchful for opportunities and gains as well as a prepared well to achieve it.

You should know that Feng Shui energies change from year to year. You should know that your best sector for success and development for this year is at the centre of the building. This is also the sector to enhance your success and wealth. For recognition, you should choose the East sector. To enhance your romance and travel and literary you should look for the North sector. However, you should be very careful when you utilised this sector because this year’s Three Killings are also occupied this sector and make sure you do not sit with your back facing it. Avoid the Five Yellow sectors at South West if possible as it gives you various problems and mishaps. If you cannot avoid this sector, place metal in this sector such as fan, pewter wares or wind chime to reduce its bad afflictions. Avoid the illness sector in the North East if possible. These are only some tips of the iceberg in fengshui to enhance one home or office. For a complete and more effective feng shui to remedy or enhance your house or building, I suggest you to engage only a “truth” professional fengshui master who have many genuine transparency of successful fengshui records to feng shui your building.

Yearly more and more people have consulted me for advises and remedy to enhance their life by feng shui their buildings and carry my lucky amulets which have been properly blessed with radiant positive energy for protection and enhance their life luck, wealth, romance and prosperity. Every one of us including of our family and friends should have better feng shui energies support just as we are having with us with many helpful people around in our family and organizations.