Ancestor Graves


Basically the Chinese graves yards are of two types. Both of which are also very important in view of antiquity Chinese Feng Shui. However, so far as feng shui's "chi" is concerned, beside the Chinese ancestors graves, other types of graveyards can not be ruled out, Nowadays so many feng shui masters either are not aware of its serious consequences or importance or simply they could not torch on this subject. There are :-

1) Graveyards that burial has taken place

Graves of ancestors such as grand parents, parents also affect all the descendants and siblings. (Unlike residential feng shui affected only onto the occupants of its occupants, the ancestor graves affect each and every one of its descendants. Therefore, If it is a good feng shui site if would enhance good feng shui to its descendants bestowing good health, wealth, prosperity, fame as well as filial piety descendants to the family. If it is with bad feng shui, the family would be adversely affected. The descendants would suffer great mishaps and calamities such as diseases, can not flourish, scandal, widowhood, trouble descendants, loss of descendants, barren, either all female no son to carry on the family name, great financial problems, feud or sorrow in the family.

2) "San Kee or Life Base"(For long life and to those who are facing failures in life, it changes of negative to positives and adversities to successes.)

The golden wordings embossed on this Christian's stye tombstone signified that the wife have passed away earlier than her husband, that is where her body was buried. The other side ofwordings embossed in red signified that the husband is still alive, that is a "san kee or life base".

Chinese believed that human beings who have grown up children and could effort to purchase and construct their grave yards with good feng shui either for grand parents or parents who are still living could be beneficial to them as well as to their families. Usually such "san kee" is constructed by the parents themselves or initiated by the grown up children. This" stand by "grave yards are called "san Kee" is with filial piety intention. With its good feng shui he/she shall remains healthy, strong, free or recovered from sickness, long life, prosperous, happy and with great fortune to his/her off springs.

2nd ADVICE:Do you know that if your ancestor graves are with bad feng shui, no matter where and how far you distant yourself from them, yet its effects and affects of its chi (i.e. feng shui) would still falls upon you? Please make sure you have sought the Truth Master advice and ratified your feng shui immediately!