Astrology, Fate & Dreams Analysis Services

Master Tham shown above some of his astrological and mantra charts for made for his clients that would improve their good luck, romance, marriage, children, wealth & prosperity, health and business development. Combine with feng shui remedies, Master Tham would do his best to work out for the best for you and your family.

Master Tham has in depth truth fengshui knowledge trained by well-known Cina's fengshui master, Master Huang Hua Yit. He has also been taught with abundant of knowlegde in astrology and spiritualism by well-known Thai masters such as Arjan Moong Tot Tong, Arjan Pra Maha Mahawood Piyawano, Arjan Artun, Arjan Luan, Arjan Pau, Arjan Lip and Arjan Dik. Master Tham has vast practical experiences in all these fields.

Master Tham is also an expert in several kind of fate and dream analysis. One of it that Master Tham like to apply is Thai Astrology. Thai astrology offers a uniquely different way of interpreting the astrological chart and is a unique skill mastered by only a few astrologers.

Thai astrology is an ancient art of fate & life analysis which an ancient art to fit into the Life of an individual where science alone could not explain. However, it is not completely ignoring the scientific reasoning.For instance, we know that in accordance with Newton's Laws of Gravity, the moon exerts its gravitational pull on the oceans and this process causes the tide to rise and fall. Thai astrologers believed that the moon also affect our moods and emotions. When its combines with other planetary movement in the universe such as the sun, jupiter, mars, saturn venus, mercury, uranus as well as Rahu and Ketu it delivered the scientific laws of physic into our various houses or planetary locations from the 1st to the 12th House depending on the time, date and year of a person birth. It creates a very strong impact to influence man. Therefore, we must know when we leapt! Applied correctly by listening to a genuine expert, it would be our guiding light.

Giving your birth date and time to him, he could give you a very accurately life analysis. Master Tham have years time-tested this Thai astrology method and found it to be more accurate than any kinds of fortune telling. You would rest assured that he would tell you the truth and would not like some masters hiding something just to please you. It is because Master Tham is a professional feng shui master, if your life analysis required you to consult a feng shui master he would advise you to seek for a reliable master to either lessen or overcome your mishaps and catastrophies. Improving your health, wealth and towards good fortune & prosperity.

Master Tham would predict your health, wealth, romance, business, jobs, auspicious and inauspicious numbers and directions, increment, career, politic career, electorate date, romance, marriage, family planning, relationship, divorce, friendship, problems, properties, lucky/unlucky colours, best dates, etc.

You can also let the master predict your child life chart and seek his advise before it is too late. With his advise many parents saved themselves and the children from unnecessary problems.

As what the old Chinese saying, "A man life is decided as early as he is inside mother womb. However, feng shui is decided by man" . In other words, feng shui could either lessen or overcome a person mishaps and catastrophes, improving one person health, wealth and towards good fortune and prosperity.

When consulting the master, please furnish the followings:

  1. Name
  2. Date, Month, Year
  3. Exact Time ( a.m. or p.m.)
  4. Place of birth, e.g.., town, city, country.
  5. If you wanted to consult about project, please state when the project started and desired to be completed.
  6. Photograph of yourself or both palms print(photostat) if any.
  7. Your payment (please refer Astrological Services & Fees below) either through:
a) credit card     (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
b) Telegraphic Transfer (T. T.) ,cash, cheque, money     order bank into:-

                         MALAYAN BANKING BHD.,
                                WEST MALAYSIA

                              A/C NO: 508177609240


1. Personal Basis Life Houses Reading per person
    Foreigners at US$100.00
    Malaysians at RM100.00

    Personal Basis Life Houses Reading Jointly for Husband & Wife
    Foreigners at US$180.00
    Malaysian at RM180.00

You are advised to take this as the prerequisite of your basis Life Pattern, otherwise you are in the dark of your life pattern. This is the initial and comprehensive consultation which will provide an overview of the most important life patterns shown in your astrology birth chart. It brings you awareness of your:-

Life Element Prestige
Favorable Element Travel
Unfavorable Element Property
Take Note Of Health Belief
Wealth Character
Marriage Auspicious Direction
Spouse Inauspicious Direction
Romance Lucky Numbers
Children Unlucky Numbers
Relatives Auspicious Colour
Friends Inauspicious Color
Employees Avoidance/Conflict
Neighbours Suitable Professions

2. Annual Review - (An annual current prediction analyzing superficial issues).
    Foreigners at US$100.00
Malaysian at RM100.00

Important dates such as financially good period for you to grasp your financial opportunities, seeking of life partner, business opportunities (if available) of year under review, bad and good day/events happenings.You may ask a few questions for current year events. For future year/s please add US$40.00 for every 3 questions.

3. Future 5 Years Annual Reviews
    Foreigners at US$500.00
    Malaysian at RM500.00

You would entitle to know your life chart and planning in greater details in advance for the next 5 years. You can ask any first 10 (ten) questions about your life chart in this 5 years annual review. You are still under privilege in this 5 years to ask any 2 (two) questions per months for monthly guidance. This enable you to plan and foresee your problems/mishaps and take early precaution to overcome your problems/mishaps and grasp your golden opportunity before it slips away. With a good timing you would be with an advantage to lead you into greater success.

4. Future 10 Years Annual Reviews
    Foreigner at US$1,000.00
    Malaysian at RM1,000.00

You would entitle to know your life chart and planning in greater details in advance for the next 10 years. You can ask any first 20 (twenty) questions about your life chart in this 10 years annual review. You are still under privilege in this 10 years to ask any 2 (two) questions per months for monthly guidance. This enable you to plan and foresee your problems/mishaps and take early precaution to overcome your problems/mishaps and grasp your golden opportunity before it slips away. With a good timing you would be with an advantage to lead you into greater success

5. Relationship Compatibility
    Foreigner at US$180.00
    Malaysian at RM180.00

In dept analysis of two people for marriage, business partnership, intended collaboration, between family members. Add US$80.00 for each person for exceeding two person of your choice.

6. Timing of Auspicious Events
    Foreigner at US$100.00
    Malaysian at RM100.00

Choosing an auspicious time for Opening ceremony, marriage, travel, incorporation of new company,conception of children, inauguration of ceremonies, officers, employees, etc.

7. Corporate and Political Strategy
    Foreigner at US$380.00 per hour
    Malaysian at RM380.00 per hour

Investments, Management Team Recruitment, Mergers and Acquisition Venture. Screen potential executives for any general and specific performance ability, traits, health, beneficial or detrimental to the company. Avoid millions of dollars in potential losses from employing the wrong person. Get the dynamic person for the right job.

8. Gemstone/Crystal/Amulets Recommendation
    Foreigner at US$100.00
    Malaysian at RM100.00

Recommendation of gemstone/crystal/amulet for therapeutic purposes, including spiritual healing, prosperity, emotional balancing and protection.

9. Unknown Birth data
    Foreigner - Add US$50.00

    Malaysian - Add RM50.00

If your birth date is known, but not your birth time or without knowing the exact time, it takes me extra time to determining your approximate birth time. For me to justified your birth time, please let me have your details and list of dates of major events took place, minor or major health/illness or problems to any part of your body, such as the head or left leg or blood problem or also wearing spectacles, marriage, divorce.

10.Astrologial and Mantra Chart

The remedy required and its complication would help to determine the charges.

11. Dream analysis
      Foreigner at US$150.00
      Malaysian at RM150.00

For dreams analysis please supply me in full detail, such colors, time (approximately such as after midnight or before midnight. For example you sleep on Monday night and realized that when you are await your dream is after midnight it would consider that day you dream on the Tuesday. Therefore it it necessary to supply me the followings details:-

  • Dreams in details. What you have dreamt of, such as you are alone, with someone else, major and light details of surrounding areas, people, impression, things, voice, noise, temperament, numbers. You may give me a rough sketch/drawing if possible by e-mail.
  • Its color if any
  • Your feelings.Eg: Happy, sad, angry, scared, worried, etc.
  • Approximate Time
  • Day (Compulsory)
  • End of your dream, if any
    Any landscaping, flat, rough terrain

If you could provide me with proper details, Master Tham would be able to tell who are the person( such as yourself, family members, friends, teachers, master. etc) be affected/benefited by the above dream.

Disclaimer: Truth Feng Shui Consultancy and/or its representatives shall not be held liable in any way whatsoever for any damages whatsoever including but not limited to damages for financial loss, personal injury or any other damage or loss, howsoever caused , whether resulting out of, or in any way whatsoever connected with, the use of this web-site, including but not limited to any advise or information given on the web-site.