The above are reports of people being cheated by bogus “masters” who claimed themselves as “experts” and even “providing service worldwide”. You might be familiar of the above cases as they were published by the local newspaper, The Star dated on the 17th June, 1st and 6th July respectively. You might be even familiar by cases where your family or friends had been cheated by such “masters”or Phd. (Dr.) who made various empty promises . Many of them have heard about all these unscrupulous master yet many of them are not aware. Master Tham regret to say that they have been conned because of their greediness. Master Tham was wondering when would beware!

Many of my clients, were students of feng shui masters where they offered feng shui lessons with a high amount of fee. Mr. Albert (not his real name), a Penang client of mine, paid about RM18,00.00 for his lessons and feng shui objects and products where eventually none of these lessons and objects changed his life for the better. Mr. Brandon (not his real name) from Kuala Lumpur had spent almost RM 39,000.00 learning feng shui course and inclusive of objects to remedy his house but yet, he is still living with many obstacles among his family. Mr. Carl (not his real name) spent a few thousands to learn bazi and zi mei dou shi from three masters yet very confuse and could not select his good period for business opportunities or to find out the good or bad days for himself, his wife and children. Failure in selecting a good dates for his children could not avoid any mishaps and accidents for his children. So pleased beware.

When I questioned most of them why they have not consulted me earlier to avoid their suffering in silent they explained that it is because so far I never accepted any students. They wanted to learn feng shui to change their unstable jobs or improved their income. In fact if they have seek me services earlier they need not have to change their job. With my feng shui service they would be able to have stable jobs with enhanced health and wealth as well with unexpected sources of extra income.

1) There’s this client of mine, attended feng shui lessons too. She was mocked by her friends and family for not willing to help them remedy the feng shui of their house since she had feng shui lessons before. However, she told me, “I cannot even help myself, how am I supposed to help others?” she said. “I’m living in a difficult life, my family isn’t good and I have financial difficulties. Even my house had evil spirits,” she told me. She had consulted her master and other various ways for help but yet all failed to do so. She had also told me about her coursemate who went for the feng shui lessons together with her. The coursemate was very healthy which also give talks at health seminars. After finished their feng shui course, her coursemate remedy the door in accordance to what the feng shui “teacher” taught and suddenly some days later he died without any reason. Everyone was shocked. “ Ever since the incident happened, my other coursemates and I dare not practice or help anyone remedy the feng shui of others.”She further explained that she had spent a lot. “I’ve used a lot of money for the
consultation fees but I see no difference in my life. One of the feng shui masters that I consulted even asked me to buy three Buddha Statues from him, without knowing that it wasn’t properly blessed. And because of that, the evil spirit still lingers in my house,” she said, until she seeked my services she and her family members are now enjoying a new lease of happy and fantastic life. Referring to this case, we strongly recommend you do not simply look for “masters” without investigating their background.

2) Another client of mine engaged a “master” who claimed that his services was sought worldwide. After the “master” inspect his whole house, the “master” told him that he had “insufficient” feng shui enhancers in his house and also told him to buy some incense paper from him which were specially as an offering item to burn for preventing troubles to the ancestors and the child who died of miscarriage as well as for offerings to the dirty spirits in their house. Having a lot of money spent, yet instead of the whole family becoming better they seem to suffer for the worst with many problems and obstacles in their individual life.

3) There was this client of mine who had tried a lot of method to get his house feng shui done. He bought a lot of feng shui books from everywhere including China and Hong Kong, hoping that he could learn something from it. He spent a lot on feng shui courses too. All his effort did not turn out as he expected. Instead of looking for a “truth” master he had been delaying to look for him spending too money and endure unnecessary suffering on the verge of wife running away and divorce.

Having so many people being fooled by all the bogus masters around, I would like to use this opportunity to advice all my readers to be aware of the background of the masters you would like to engage before bringing them to your house. The most important of all, do not simply give them your date of birth and personal details. It is always important to engage the right person when it comes to feng shui. Feng shui is not as easy as it seems. Things to note when engaging a feng shui master:-

1. You shouldn’t engage them from advertisements.
2. There should be a proper introduction of the feng shui master from many of your friends and studying the detail and the genuine testimonials with many proven records thoroughly yourself.
3. The master shouldn’t be giving wild promises.
4. The master should not be introducing you any unnecessary feng shui gadgets other than the Luo Pan (feng shui compass) itself.

Having it wrongly done could turn your life worst than you could have probably imagined; bankruptcy, sickness, lost of business opportunities, bad relationships and worst, death. What is worst than loosing your loved ones? Please beware!