Thousand years of Chinese Proverb about HOW a person having great fortune.

Master Stanley Tham explains:-


Firstly, His destiny
Secondly, His Luck
Thirdly, His feng shui
Fourth, His past & present deeds
Fifth, His education

When we came to this world, we brings with nothing. Without wearing any thing on or bringing of any thing a long with us. We come with naked. Once we arrived into this world we cried aloud - denoting we have to struggle and be stay alive in this whole wide world.

Our life is link with chi or life breath since in our mother worm, without it we cannot live. Once deliver to this world at an appropriate time, date, month, year and place, beginning from here each and every one of us have our own chi that can influence the destiny of our life. If your destiny is not that bright, don't worry. If you are lucky enough in consulting the Truth Feng Shui Master, he might be a great help to you. You can call him your "Kwei Ren" - i.e. helpful people.

When a person born with good destiny, he is bestow with many good fortune. Whenever he goes to consult the expert fortune tellers or well known 8-Pillars consultants, they would foretell that he is with good destiny.

For example, all of them foretell that at age 36 or 42 he would strike millions. He would retire earlier at such age and enjoying life then. His destiny is described by all the Pak Chee Consultants that his destiny is described as his present red shirt (means as a high ranking official) would transform into dragon rope (i.e. the rope of the Chinese highest royal family) It means achieving immeasurable great fortune ! Well, with a happy family he moves into a new and larger home at middle age. Then suddenly he always facing financial difficulties and heading for divorce and children full of problems.

He keeps out looking for a good feng shui master. But even he has consulted several of them, yet the worst and worst are happenings to his whole family. He just has no luck to get hold of a truth feng shui master. Did I specifically mentioned that he have no ""luck" !

However, if only either he or his wife have the "luck" before the mishaps and calamities strike upon them and their siblings manages to get hold of The Truth Master to help them, this family, I should say they really have done good deed either during the past life or during the present life. Good Health, Wealth, Prosperity and Happiness will befall upon them.

3rd ADVICE:Therefore, no matter how good is your destiny is doing please do not ignore the important of feng shui! Look at some rich and famous or generally speaking, other people whom you know. Are they happy and satisfied of their life? What happens to their romance? Why are they barren? Any filial piety descendant or what have happen to their children? Any flourish child carry the father's name? Why their integrity had become scandals? Why they are so lonely when they became older? That's right. Bad Feng shui had affected them.
Let us not become sitting duck and allowing bad feng shui playing us around. Spend some good money for the fees to consult the truth feng shui Master before it is too late. Provided you spend it on the truth master - it's worth it! He is helping you in deflecting all sha(killing) chi. He enhance your property with good feng shui which is beneficial to you and your family more than a thousand times of your money spent. The protection that he has enhanced to your family nothing can be barter with. You and your family are enjoying the fruits which the Truth Master had planted the seedlings for you. He just takes the fees which he deserved. However you are taking all the benefit, not the master. Do you agreed?

So, even your house is with good feng shui, you and your family ought to nourish your positive chi by continuously doing good deeds, such as involved in charities and donating to the poor and needy as well as abstaining from killing. Such as, you should not keep birds in your house feeding them daily with crickets or as suggested by some master in keeping golden dragon fish and feed them with live feeds. If you trust me and set these animals free your destiny would definitely obtain good result... Believe me!