Master Tham is the FIRST master who has been trained by his spiritual master to used Jequirity (love peas) to enhance ones romance luck and relationship. He is also the FIRST master to have published about Jequirity peas efficacious to the public in his recent 2008 Feng Shui for Your Good Fortune & Success which appeared in the market on 1st November, 2008. Beware of others copying of Master Tham's spritual technique. Their ineffective technique shall not be comparable to our Master Tham's applications of such Jequirity peas which see fantastic results.


Jequirity peas
The Original is with two peas with a Talisman or Takrut. Each pea represents male and female. Exceeding the above amount would cause disagreement, fight, jealousy, disappopintment and definitely failure.


Beware of immitations and frauds in various ways.
They are INEFFECTIVE!!!!!