1. Why so many people don't belief in feng shui and complaint about it?

A lot of feng shui enthusiasts have been suffered in silent as a result of their penchant for studying feng shui blindly without investigate which master or masters they are following. Some masters practicing feng shui are listening from hearsay or from books which are not from the original feng shui canon or theories but from crack and distorted feng shui formulas as order to be written by the ancient emperor of China . That is why many people after followings from some of these masters complaint that feng shui of the Chinese Metaphysics are false, inconsistency with many opinions and not effective at all but just talk only!


2. Can feng shui master who could not even have a blissful marriage can help others?

Most of the time while I am doing feng shui for relationship or soul mate feng shui I have been told by my clients that they have been finally await by their relatives and friends that they should not have earlier invited their feng shui masters who have reached their marriage age of above forties yet they are remains as bachelors or spinster or those which have marriage and family problems. If these masters could not even help themselves why should they engaged them.


3. Is it important to select a reliable feng shui master , especially when placement of the fire oven and changing of doors?

A Feng Shui master who have been graduated from a feng shui course about few years ago did some very wrong feng shui to my client's father house that nearly cost his father life. He not only did some wrong feng shui to the house but also changed the door wrongly at a ��illness and fatal degrees�� direction and painted his father's room red. When my client's father was seriously ill on the verge of dying he recalled the master to counter check where he have done wrong. The master said all were well and correct, especially the red color room for his father to the Chinese his meant for good luck and he explained that his father serious illness was due to old age! With my vast experience, after doing various remedies and changing back the door into the auspicious degrees position I told his son to have his father room immediately repainted to light blue his father illness subsided and recovered and the family enjoyed good financial standing, good health, peace and happiness. Therefore, it is important that you should be careful in select a reliable master. As in the above case although the yearly flying stars shown many auspicious locations for doors and windows, feng shui enthusiasts are advised not to simply changed the door without consulted a qualify and experience master. In some bad feng shui with serious bad energy would strike a family with fatality without warning. Its usually strike the breadwinner, smartest or filial piety child which have grown up or the most beautiful daughter. It may be not so lucky as the above case. You may have heard from your friends and relatives or from the newspaper, so and so most clever or smartest or most beautiful daughter in the family suffered mishaps or calamities while they were beginning in enjoying financially or becoming recognized as successful. Have you ever you heard of it strike at those who are spoiled child and the unsucccessful one?


4. Why not avoid been scolded by a feng shui master that ��He ate more salt than you eat rice��?

I have a client who was a well known lecturer from one of the university. When I have finished audited his house feng shui and told him correctly of the the problems he is now facing and after I quote him the reasonable feng shui price he straight away accepted and let me do whatever to remedify his house without asking me any question. During tea hour he prepared a nice cup of Chinese Tea and tidbits for me. During our conversation when I asked him why he trusted me so much, he replied, ��I get you through friends. My friends have told me all about you that you would do a very comprehensive feng shui audit for my house. They said once I have accepted your services you would do all the necessary feng shui remedies to enhance my whole house to fulfill our needs and desires up to our satisfaction. Furthermore, I have checked your records thoroughly at your websites and found out that you have many years of proven good feng shui records with transparency. I also found that you are not only having famous masters with proven records who taught you personally but you always have great respect for them. So, therefore, being a well educated and smart, I would not like others who without proper care in selecting any master. It will be end uptoo late when finally they later suspected of the master ingenuinity. Such master who tried to brush aside any questions might be scolded them that he ate salt more than they eat rice! Why not instead be smart guy to avoid all this hustle��



Have you ever thought of consult a truth master first to do feng shui for your house? I called this "feng shui insurance.


5. My old classmate who have learned feng shui and doing his own house feng shui along with his feng shui master for few years, finally asked, ��Whether I have the available time to come over to his house tomorrow day for a proper feng shui audit?

One day when I am away from my home town and entered a restaurant looking for my client and his family which table they have been sited I heard an old voice calling me, Hello! Tham! After I find out the voice is from an old class mate which we have lost contact for years he come forward telling me how famous I am as an international feng shui master. He have read a lot of my articles through magazines and newspapers as well as reading through my website. He told me that during the last few years he have studied feng shui and the xuan kung flying stars from a master. Now he is a feng shui master as well. I was not surprise at all because the so called ��feng shui masters�� were every where. I told him that is good if you have learned them from a reliable master. Due to my client and his family waiting for me I have to excuse myself. However, he insisted asking me one question.�� All right, go ahead. You may asked any question.�� , I told him. My friend finally asked me why I have so many successful feng shui cases which were well done but without using any of those feng shui objects such as the wealth jar, ship of abundant, and various types of mascots to be placed in the various sectors of a building or house. I just humbly told him that in my professional practice I do not used those feng shui objects or mascots which could not make feng shui effective. I then bid him good-bye and walk towards my client table. That same night when I was ready to sleep my old classmate called up. Over the telephone he told me, �� Tham I have been learning feng shui in great details. Why my feng shui been done so many times together with help of my well knbown master yet I am my family faes great disappointments and & mishaps? Would you have the available time to come over to my house tomorrow for a proper feng shui audit?


6. Why Feng Shui Objects, Mascots or Enhancer are not effective?

Since many people have now taken the trouble to do a survey among themselves �C through enquiries and studies among their family, relatives, neighbours, friends and business associates they now have realized that after all been using feng shui enhancers such as objects or mascots, eg. the wealth of abundant ship, treasure jug, feng shui knots, etc. for so many years now they have realized that they are neither have become richer or their life improve for the better. Nowadays, whenever Master Tham been asked about the above question, he would advised them to find the answer from their relatives or friends who have been practiced this kind of ��new age feng shui.��

In actual fact, how useful or effective are these feng shui enhancers to us? Take an example of such object as taught by some masters that by the hanging of mirror in the dining room foodstuff would be to multiplied signified having plenty, Therefore, many people now with an open mind and realized if one using the same theory by laying out a lot of money or gold bars inside a special make room with the four walls hang with large mirrors will a person's money grows and multiply in that sense? If that also could be happened no one can denied this is an easy to get rich fastest than the money printing machines! Then there would not be any beggars out there.

Master Tham has been well-known among his clients and have carried out many successful feng shui accomplishments. Many of his clients' feng shui have been satisfactory done without the needs of using these objects or mascots.

A truth and genuine feng shui master does not need any of these enhancers. You would enjoy the efficiency of a truth and genuine feng shui master if you have consulted one. Then you will enjoy good relationship, filial piety children, better financial situation, advancement in career and life blissful.



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