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The rare antiquity Chinese Feng Shui can be traced back 5,000 years ago. Originally Called Kan Yu. The great grand master, "Yang Kung" stole it from the imperial palace. The emperor in order to avoid this powerful feng shui goes into the wrong hand, ,he ordered Scholars to write feng shui manuals with various distorted facts and spread them in China. Frankly speaking , the truth and most powerful feng shui formulas are taught by genuine Master to his disciple is by mouth through the recital of poetries. It is not in any books.


No one can deny the fact that Chinese grand master would not simply diverge any potent and powerful formulas to all his disciples, but only to one or two of his most trusted and loyal disciples. Who can deny the fact that this is a thousand years history of all the Chinese grand master mentality! Therefore even nowadays only a handful of Grand Master Yang Kung great grand disciples would be able to grasp this very rare opportunity to fully equipped with feng shui knowledges. Modern times translation of Feng Shui are actually two Chinese Characters each representing wind and water respectively. In feng shui, the Chinese usually used to explain of its "sheng hei" or "sheng chi" which means its "lively chi" or "lively breath" without which denotes death or failure or no positive development. Therefore, chi is also refers to air, breath, force and energy It is also known as geomancy or "the location of a person's house and/or ancestral grave, supposed to have an influence on the fortune of himself, his family and his off springs - a geomantic omen!" Its essence is to harmonize its yin-yang energies with not only to those who are livings but as well as to the ancestors graves.

It involved, 1) the forces and powers that continually float around and settle upon the person as well as his/her property where he/she live, stay or occupied by him, 2) as well as family's feng shui influence by the "chi" of his/her ancestor graves.

If the Feng shui is in harmony (GOOD FENG SHUI) within the buildings and the surrounding landscaping or the person is in harmony with the occupied feng shui, or in good and right formation or direction and in accordance to the Pa Kua and not in conflict with the I Ching known as the "Book of Changes" and have no hidden sha chi (killing chi) , and significantly, the feng shui concerned is within the rare and secretive concept of feng shui and strictly without ignoring the ancestor grave feng shui the residents would enjoy good feng shui bestowed with the followings:-

very good fortune
full of plenty filial piety descendants
good health
flourish descendants
children have blissful marriage
good sons and daughters in law
having off springs
long live
great happiness

If any occupants or residents of any building are lack of any of the above, he/she shall immediate try to seek the help of the truth feng shui master before it is too late!

May I inform those who are concerned that a lot of the Chinese rare feng shui informations, such as "sha chi" and "ratifications are not found in any books.




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