Jatukam Ramathep

The Statue of Powerful Jatukam Ramathep
The Respectable Police Major General Khun Phan Tharak Rajadej's famous pose.
Photos below: The temple authorities have blocked the stairway to prevent visitors from going up for safety reason. However, Jatukam-Ramathep coming down step by step towards Master Tham on his his 2nd visit on 21st of May, 2007.
Master Tham with with Khun Phan's youngest son, Master Nak Son at his house
Master Tham with Khun Phan's eldest son, Master Chan Tip

1st July 2007 - At Wat Pra Mahathatt temple
1st May 2007

Jatukam Ramathep & Police Major General Khun Phan Tharak Rajadej of Nakhon Si Thammarat

Lately, the place at Nakhon Si Thammarat in Southern Thailand, about two and a half hours drive from Haadyai, has became a tourist destination, possibly the biggest tourist destination in Thailand. Many of these visitors are not only the Thais themselves, but Malaysians and Singaporeans. They are even from Hong Kong , Indonesia , Macau , Japan and as well from Europe .

This city alone with more that 560 wats or temples are rich in history. Are all these tourists coming here just to visit these temples? No, they come for just one reason:


Master Stanley Tham in his meditation first notice the power of Jatukam-Ramathep which now commonly known as Jatukam that lead him to pay his homage to them four (4) times in Nakhon Si Thammarat. During each of his homage in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Jatukam-Ramathep appeared hinting something to him. One of it, Master Stanley Tham said is to spread this good news of their eagerness to help those who are prepared to do good deeds and merits.

The master explained, many stories have been told about the mysterious power of Jatukam. The often talk about by the Thai is actually it is Jatukam-Ramathep, two warriors as well as princes who protected the Thai people as well as to protect the relics of Buddha at Southern Thailand during the Sri Vijaya Period till they died. Two statues of them have been erected at Wat Pra Mahattat in remembrance of them. You can find both their statutes at Wat Pra Mahattat temple which is about 700 years old now.

The phenomenon of the Jatukam amulet fever starts spreading nationwide when their famous miracles and the very humble founder of Jatukam's amulets, renowned Police Major General Khun Phan Tharak Rajjadej (commonly known as Khun Pan?by the Thais) identities,nobility and inherent powers have attract the media attention last year after the media have collected Jatukam marvels from the people who were wearing the amulet suddenly received good fortunes and saved from various dangers and illnesses. Jatukam is regarded as the Bodhisattva - an enlightened one dedicated to assist humanity. Therefore, this Jatukam amulet was regard as Buddhist amulet.

The craze began with rushing to the purchase the Jatukam, especially the second version of Earn Lai Ma?i.e.Money coming In) . Others models with tempting names are Wealth Pouring In? Money Flowing In & Money Dropping In?and Millionaire Backing? The most astonished incident that master had noticed was a stamped that killed a woman and injured 100 others on 9-4-2007 during the the rush to get hold of the second version of Earn Lai Ma? The news of Jatukam further spread like wild fire.

Khun Phan was renowned in practicing white magic, for his performance in crime suppression and the Jatukam amulets he had helped to produce. He was the last person being bestowed with the title Khun Phan?by the previous Thai monarch. He was a highly respected police major General, died of natural cause at the age of 108 last year on 5 th September, 2006 . Although he was powerful and famous, he remains very humble and known for his honesty and integrity along with his renowned suppression of many very hard core criminals. He was under royal cremation ceremony with more than 200,000 people attended his funeral at Wat Pra Mahathatt temple in Nakhon Si Thammarat, causing heavy traffic congestion in the area. Thousands of people are still coming to the temple even after midnight to pay him their last respect and police had to close major roads leading to the temple forcing late arrivals eventhough they had to walk to the temple.

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn presided over the cremation ceremony. The funeral was under the patronage of Their Majesties the King and Queen.

Upon Khon Phan death, the prices of Jatukam amulets have increasing much higher especially those created by him.

In 1986 a woman medium at Wat Nangpaya temple told Police Major Gen. Sanback Thammitku who is the provincial police chief that he should consult and call upon Khun Phan' to come over to find out who he was. When the said police major general with few others arrived at Khun Phan's house, they saw Khun Phan was already outside waiting for them. He shouted at them: Why are you all bringing few thousands of people along??It was been told that only Khun Phan could notice those few thousands people. They were the past armies and followers of Jatukam Ramatep who came along to bring the good news to get the merits.

When Khun Phan reached Wat Nangpaya and saw the sitting position of the medium with the left hand on his knee and the right hand held shoulder high with palm outward, he immediately exclaimed and told those who were present that they were Jatukam-Ramathep, commonly now known as Jatukam by the Thais. Immediately Jatukam told Khun Phan that they have been waited for him for over a thousand years. Jatukam told him about a bad Brahmin with powerful magical powers who due to his jealousy of their fame and honour have cast bad feng shui spells on them at their burial place upon their death. He instructed Khun Phan to look for the specific old miracle tree known as Mai Takien Numrueg?to carve Jatukam images and build their new Holy Pillar Shrine at a certain feng shui location known as Lerk Mern, the city pillar at Nakon Si Thammarat. With the support of the provincial government, Khun Phan raised fund to share the merits. Jatukam also instructed Khun Phan to make amulets out of them in Round shape ?with various materials especially from the dust and remains of the tree Tai Takien Numrueg? Its original five (5) centimeters in diameter pendant amulet was circulated as instructed by Jatukam and was priced at 49 Baht each for funding the construction of the city pillar in 1986. The city holly pillar was partially completed in 1987. Now, its first amulet costs more than 1,000,000.00 Baht each. Yet you cannot find one been offered at this price in the market! In fact, Jatukam amulet have surpassed other amulets ?even surpassed the very much sought after Somdez Wat Nakang by Archan Praputtchantoh amulet which claimed to be able in exchange for a new Mercedes Benz!

At the back of Jatukam amulet, it may be with the picture of Lerk Mern (the holy city pillar), Pungpakarn ( with eyes & body covered means to destroy evils),12 animals blessing, 8 Rahoo (for overcome your bad luck), the complimentary signs of wind, water, fire and earth and a dozens sets of spell in wordings. Master Stanley Tham explained that once the materials and the wordings of the amulets have gone through the holy prayers, the power would invite Jatukam and other angels to help and bless the wearer.

In every parts of Thailand is having Jatukam fever - the fever is ever greater than that of the fever of flower-horn fish?that happened in Malaysia some times ago! Daily reports in radio, TV, newspapers as well as universities students writing thesis about them after over 20 years - all walks of life would not miss about Jatukam. There are even songs about Jatukam.

In Nakhon Si Thammarat, everyone, young and old seems to be wearing a Jatukam. Most Thais even in this high-tech age I had met have a Jatukam - from the taxi drivers to the bellboy at Thai Hotel, Nakon Si Thammarat. To find out how much the taxi driver valued his Jatukam, Master Stanley Tham offered him RM2,500.00 for his first batch Earn Lai Ma Jatukam. He turned me down. He told me that after started wearing and praying Jatukam he met his future wife, meeting very good and generous customers and lucky in many occasions. Since then he has began doing good deeds and merits. Since these amulets are in great demand, many Thais in any part of Thailand are still yearning to get hold of at least one Jatukam amulet.

All Jatukam amulets are already been booked before they are make and their prices are still soaring. The buyers sold their booked Jatukam receipts just like selling their share certificates and sometimes changed hand several times. That is one of the causes of its price soaring. Therefore you could hardly obtain a genuine one if you try to get one in Nakhon Si Thammarat or in any part of Thailand. However, there are many fake amulets in the market. Many who went there came back empty handed! They dare not to buy from there after a second thought!

If you are lucky you may manage to get a genuine one with its original container or in casing, generally priced from 2,000 to 5,000 Baht. Most people wear Jatukam because they want good luck, wealth, good business, good for relationship and protection against accidents as well as for the recovery of illness.

Jatukam has lifted up the economy of Thailand and spirit of her people. Hundred of temples are now rushing the craze of making Jatukam. Advertising industry is booming. Manufacturers, printers, material suppliers, books and magazines, casing from metal to plastic, boxes, photo frames, cloths for talismans, school bags, T-Shirts, food and transport industry are profiteering. Many new stores even managed by young girls and women have been set up in various part of Thailand for doing encasing the Jatukam amulets.

Fund proceeds from the Jatukam goes to building and repairing of temples, pagodas, medical supplies, education funds, quarters for the monks, building libraries, renovating temples, poor children and welfare services. It is no doubt that some fund may goes to some investors as well.

According to the master who has given a few Jatukam to some people, they have all realized a very noticeable difference in their lives and their luck since embracing these Jatukam even though they have not expected for it. From one previously suffering from insomnia could enjoy a good night sleep to improvement in business and bestowed with good luck as well as avoiding accidents. Now they believed Jatukam amulets have inherent powers.

Jatukam told the devotees that those who pray to them and wear their amulets have been foretold that they must be act good to receive good consequence and to fulfill good deeds and merits whenever their prayers have been granted. Therefore, Jatukam images remind them to do good deeds and merits, thereby their devotees shall be filled with loving kindness and compassion.

A very good case study must pay attention to Khun Phan. Why Jatukam never chose one of those respectful and powerful spiritual monks instead of Khun Phan in erecting the holy shrine and making of Jatukam amulets. Master Tham's opinion is Khun Phan was very humble and known for his honesty and integrity. Though he was not a monk, he has been abiding the good moral values of an honorable man. With his renowned of white magic he have never misused of it and only used it in crime suppression and helping mankind. There is one very rare but truth incident in my office. When a very senior journalist by the name of Mr.Fong Wai of a Chinese Magazine is trying to take a picture of Khun Phan for his articles he was shocked that even several shots other than Jatukam pictures and amulets yet he failed to snap one of Khon Phan no matter how hard he tried. When he told me in a shocking manner I came to understand that Khon Phan was with due respect to Jatukam and wanted the photos of Jatukam out first! That is what Jatukam wanted the devotees to be as Khun Phan really was.

During Master Stanley Tham's meeting with Khun Phan's youngest son, Master Nak Son (nickname, Nui) who is just as strict and humble as his late famous father, they discuss about many things about Jatukam. Master Nak Son has vast experience in practicing white magic as he has learnt white magic from his late father and well known in assisting his father. Master Nak Son and his family were astonished and proud when Master Stanley Tham who was at their house, the spirit of Jatukam depicted in the form of circles appeared in the photos. He said such phenomena rarely occurred unless the person is honest with integrity. Mr. Nak Son advised the devotees to pray to Jatukam with compassion towards others and to do good deeds and merits whenever possible especially when their wishes have been granted.

The craze of Jatukam would one day back to normal. However, the loving kindness and compassion of Jatukam that etched in ones' heart would be ever lasting and always beneficial.

Interested with the amulets? Please click on the images.

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