1) Mr. & Mrs. X (due to private & confidential) told me that their family was suffering with great calamities after they have consulted two renowned feng shui masters. They told me that one was considered to be an international feng shui master who authored feng shui books. The other was a renown master of a feng shui club.Affter about a year they consulted these two masters, The wife first suffer for an operation, two or three days later the whole family were robbed a great deal of money and jewelries, later the family business was suddenly summoned to stop works by the Ministry of Environment and later a judgment by a High Court that the family loss a court case subjected to all their assets, properties and company which inclusive of contract which all worth millions of ringgit going to be sealed by the High Court. They told me that they are now facing bankruptcy in less than three weeks! They immediately seek my expertise to save them. During the few days when I am ratifying his bungalow feng shui his wife cried several times in front of me and my wife, saying, " Master Tham, our whole family really depends on you to help us, otherwise all our hard earned wealth and properties will be just vanished and completely left with nothing for the family or for my sons, daughter-in-law or grand children - not even left with a house for shelter." Well, through my feng shui remedies, the high court never seal any of their property or company. And they have neither loss anything! Both these Mr. & Mrs X thanks Master Tham for his very sincere effort for providing the truth feng shui services for them, thereby saving their whole family from calamites and mishaps.

Well, to conclude here Mr. & Mrs. X have the luck to seek my help before it is too late. Those who have no luck would not be able to get a truth master.

2) MR. & MRS. Y were both graduates. Mr. Y has many business ventures overseas. After moving into a new porch condominium he is facing problems in his oversea ventures as well as family problems. He have earlier consulted a feng shui consultant who claimed to be trained by international feng shui masters. Instead of helping him and his family - great havoc been done to them. Being the only son, Mr. Y now often have great quarrel with his mother. The very good daughter-in-law was been blamed for anything and scorned by the mother-in-law. With many feud in the family, both Mr. Y father and mother left the condo. The Goddess of Mercy at the praying altar which belong to the parents was also taken along with them went they left. Mr. Y has more worries of his overseas ventures. Requested through friend recommendation they seek my consultation. I immediately went to investigate his residential before I left for overseas also for feng shui services. There I cautiously investigated and recommended my powerful and effective feng shui remedies. After remedied their house feng shui, I also immediately investigated Mr. Y ancestor grave. I should say, they are lucky for have consulted me. At their ancestor grave I noticed that without feng shui remedies they are facing sha chi - big problems and future calamities. On the spot I advised them what to do and must do it fast. Well, they did follow my recommendations strictly and immediately. When I was in overseas I called Mr. Y to enquire him about his overseas ventures. He was glad to reply that now everything goes on very smoothly. About a month later when I was in his residential again, Mrs. Y told me that her mother-in-law was in very good terms with her and both of them went out shopping together! Mr. Y parents have move back into the condos. They become blissful family. The old couple here has filial piety son and grand children as well as a good daughter-in-law. With Good Feng Shui , Mr. & Mrs. Y would also ensure to have a blissful family & enjoying good fortune & prosperity.

4th ADVICE:To conclude here, you should counter check whether you have consulted the truth master and don't just simply believe to the sweet talk and "written report" of any fake master. Furthermore, other than to remedy residential feng shui, please do not overlook to seek the expert to investigate and ratify the ancestor grave's feng shui. It is a very important aspect in feng shui and should not be left out completely! How could so many so called expert feng shui masters could claim to the extend of providing 100 % guarantee to feng shui seekers without any emphasize the importance of investigating the ancestor grave feng shui!

3) Both MR. & MRS. Z were in their fifties. They are poor farmers. They plant fruits and sell them at the weekly night market. Through client's introduction, both loving couple seeks my consultation. After investigation I told them their that house feng shui is actually at a very good feng shui location but his parents constructed the house wrongly as followed the advise of a past feng shui master. After my investigation, I told them, they are facing big problems and more future calamities. I told them who ever stay here remains poor and could not meet ends meet, son would meet accident and could not flourish and daughter would be jilted. Both of them were shocked for what I said and confirmed that all these calamities already happened to them. I further told them, if the house is built correctly during Mr. Z's father time, prosperity and fame would be enhanced towards his father as well as all occupants of the house and his daughter would not be jilted. Although with many financial problems, they finally borrow some money to pay for my consultation fees as well as for the minor cost for renovating his house. Less than three months, for the first time in his whole life time he made a fortune from his fruits. His son was promoted! He now cans effort to go for holidays. After harvested all his fruits, another variety fruits for the first time also give him another fortune. After with feng shui helps, less than 3 months hid son-in-law came to fetch Mr. & Mrs. Z daughter and child home. This is the truth feng shui!

5th ADVICE: Whether it is your destiny or your luck that you and your family have to suffered earlier, do not just stay put in enduring your difficulties and hardship. MAY I URGE YOU to try your "BEST LUCK" out to get the Truth Feng shui Master to have a thorough investigation of your house. Don't ever just complaint that you have no money to pay for his consultation fees as well as some minor renovations ( if you could effort to buy costly hi-fi, auto gate systems or porch car, why not feng shui first! Don't' worry much about the cost of renovation. It might not be costly at all, but make sure you take the initiative to consult the truth master and listen what he have advise for you and your family.