With some photographs proving his TRUTH FENG SHUI remedies, Master Tham have successfully either immediately, within 3 months or less than a year with his very powerful feng shui remedies have successfully solved his clients problems. Most of his clients have earlier consulted several masters, such as fengshui masters, fortune teller, palmistry, pa chee consultants, prayers & tailmans, placing of crystal, chi long, pai yow, three-legged frog, Japanese cats, plants and renovations in their buildings. They have either paid low or exorbitant fees for it. If it really helps it doesn't matter, however, it was the other way round. Great havoc of mishaps and calamities have done to them. Some of them have even consulted international feng shui masters or "chong chee" (master of feng shui club)". If you are one of them you would understand what IMasster Tham meant about truth feng shui!

Problems, mishaps and calamities (BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE) that have been solved by Master Tham are as follows:-

Financial Difficulties, on the verge of bankruptcy, Commercial ventures such as involved in corporations, offices, factories, transport and restaurants already on the verge of collapsing suddenly became flourishing tremendously, avoided various mishaps and calamities such as death and sickness to many households. Cannot meet ends meet, divorced cases, filial piety, childless couple, feud in the family, manage to strike lotteries, life partner, Improved good health, studies showing good & better results, Bright prospect & promotion, children problems, couple become loving and understanding, overcome loneliness. Business improved tremendously and developed. Houses sold easily. Buying of new premises and new homes!


Mr. Eric Wong, a very successful businessman is indeed extremely lucky to have his home feng shui in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and ancestor grave been finally through friend introduction managed to get a "truth feng shui" consultation from Master Tham who did an extremely careful studied and ratified them with the best effective and prompt feng shui remedies. Picture shown here in Hong Kong, his successful and proudness in presenting a testimonial of sincere appreciation and grateful thanks to Master Stanley Tham for the feng shui job well done for him and his family.

What other said about Master Tham's Feng Shui & takruts:-

a) Sale Executive, Mr. H. W. Tang.
“When Master Tham predicted that my would meet a serious accident on a certain date, he make a takrut for me. On that fateful day, I was avoiding going anywhere. However, just I would like to go out for a nearby breakfast yet I really have to met a bad accident. However, the Takrut which make by Master Tham save my life and avoid serious injury. Now my wife and I only believed in Master Tham”.
b) Sundries shop Proprietor, Mr. Tan.
"My daughter- in-law let his daughters wear the Takrut which make by Master Tham. One day when one of these grand daughters on the way to school met a motor-cycle accident. However with the talisman she is wearing, she was not injured. Thanks Master Tham heartily for his takrut!”

c) RHB Bank Assistant Manager, Ms Khoo,
“When Master Tham enhanced feng shui and blessing to my praying altar he placed a copper plated talisman in my house. From that day onwards my clients and staff were cooperative and my work goes on smoothly without stress. Both my husband and I became more healthy and lucky. We thank our Master Tham sincerely for making our life better and we now only believe in our Master Tham, the Truth Master.”

d.) A bank officer, Miss A Vasuk a/p Arunachalam
“Master Tham specially-made Takrut for me really does wonders." My relationship with my family members, office staff, and boyfriend has enhanced tremendously which I have not expected. My luck also improved tremendously. It is not easy to get to know a truth master like my Master Tham. Thanking Master Tham so much!”  

e.) Successful Top Tyre Dealer, Mr. Qiu Huat Sing
“Master is not only an expert in Feng Shui which he helped me and my family enjoying blissful life. He also helped me to be recognized as being the top dealers in Malaysia , especially his truth expertise have helped me to build a large factory for the further development of my business. I have full trust In Master Tham's feng shui and talismans. He is the Truth Master.”

f.) Project Contractor, Mr. Roland Tay
“With Feng Shui property done by Master Tham and the talisman at my altar table my projects go on very smoothly with easy and prompt collection on payment. My whole family is blissful especially my children scored grades up to my satisfaction. Predicted accident of my children. Have been minimized with our master talismans and serious take serious precaution on predetermined dates. Our family called him the Truth Master.”

g.) Planter, Mr. Chong Kok Ming
“Since Master Tham have done a well remedy My house feng shui with a takrut at the altar everything you can think off goes on well with me. Such as I stop drinking and gamble. Children scored good grades. As admired by friends, relative and neighbours. Get a long very well with my parents. Many business opportunities and a very blissful family. All of my neighbour's house has suffered theft or burglary except my house at the center. My family thanks Master Tham heartily for its truth efficiency. He is really the Truth Master”

h. ) Café Proprietor, Mr. Tan Boon Seong
“With Master Tham expertise in doing good. Feng shui, my parents and all of us are in good health, family more and more peaceful and blissful. With business opportunities which earlier before I know the master is just none and children scored good results. My neighbors all been burglarized, robbed and motor-cycles parked outside been stolen. My whole family thanks the Truth Master Tham's takrut, which I hang it outside. Today I am the only one is yet so far without facing such bad incident. Thank-you always to our Master Tham.”